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You started your business for more time – and freedom. After some great initial success, it’s all getting on top of you. Things keep changing and you’re growing too fast to keep up…

There are always business administration tasks that need finishing, and you’re thinking about developing your team to stay on top of demand. But you don’t know where to start – and you’re not quite ready to hire.

Running a business is challenging. You need to be on the ball all the time, looking after your customer and delivering great service. The last thing you need is to have more back-end admin issues to deal with.

Desk 101 Virtual Assistant Services
Desk101 Virtual Assistants

Desk101 helps you not just survive but thrive

That’s where we come in – virtual assistants specialising in Business Administration, i3 Profiling and Recruitment & HR Support. We give you –

How can Desk101 virtual assistants help you?

There are three main service categories Desk101 can upport you through – Business
Administration, Recruitment & HR support and i3 Personality Trait Profiling.

No matter what the admin project may be, Desk101 can jump in and be your helping hand. From setting up new systems, collating data, and diary / inbox management, to event planning and general business administration.

i3 is a personality trait-based profiling tool which supports individuals to understand which of their natural personality traits are most dominate, and which ones they perhaps need to dig a little deeper to expose, giving the individual a greater awareness.

The tool also identifies the individual’s most productive working environment, giving them the knowledge to make informed choices.

Each profile is unique with feedback consisting of a full written report and a 1:1 discussion.

In business, the team you have around you makes a huge difference to your success. But hiring the right person takes time and expertise that you might not have. Desk101 can take all aspects of recruitment off your hands. With all your current and future employees, you need to be following the correct HR protocols. It’s hard to know if you’re doing things the proper way. Whether you’re already hiring or getting ready to, Desk101 can offer HR support.

What our client’s are saying…

Margaret’s expertise in i3 Profiling provided invaluable insights for both personal and team development within Fantasy Prints. Her ability to discern leadership qualities and decision-making skills, even without prior knowledge of my ownership status, was impressive. The profiling not only highlighted areas for personal growth but also assisted in making informed decisions about team promotions. Margaret’s services are a commendable investment for any business looking to enhance their team’s dynamics and individual potential.

I needed some advice on HR issues, and when I had seen on LinkedIn that Margaret offers this service, I immediately contacted her. We have used Desk101 for Probationary meetings and to provide additional training to our team leaders. Margaret is setting up training programs also. Desk101 is an all-round service that will benefit any business owner and managers. Margaret is a great contact to have.

Sarah McMorn
Managing Director – Fantasy Prints

If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant who can hit the ground running and take that immediate pressure off, I would wholeheartedly recommend Margaret @ Desk101.

Supporting us with a team recruitment project, Margaret fully understood the brief, took the time to explore all options available and then recommended a course of action. With her guidance, experience, and positive attitude we were able to execute the solutions and deliver results in a timely manner.

Moving forward Desk101 will be supporting us to embed any learnings from the project, along with implementing best practices into the business.

If you are looking for any additional support with Business Admin, Recruitment or HR & Training, I would fully recommend Margaret @ Desk101 to any business.

Andy Rae
Holiday Park Operational Support – Cove UK

I have recently used the wonderful services of this Virtual Assistant to help me recruit a senior role and the task was dealt with in a professional, prompt, and friendly manner.

It was a smooth efficient easy process and the help and support greatly appreciated as it reduced my workload dramatically.

Sue Davies
Head of People – Cove UK

Working with Margaret is a pleasure. As a Virtual Assistant, we can rely on her to pick up jobs for us, whether everyday tasks such as writing letters, to longer-term and complicated projects.

We operate in a busy, seasonal environment where we don’t have much time to explain every detail. Margaret is excellent at researching the facts, getting ‘under the skin’ of the job and running with it. We know she will always be reliable and thorough and will produce top quality results.

Antony Smith
Head of Culture & Development, Cove UK

How does hiring a virtual assistant work?

Desk101 acts as an extra pair of hands for your growing business. We respect your brand and act like an extension of your team, keeping to your high standards. You might know you need help – but you don’t know how to get started.

With flexibility and a wealth of first-hand business management, we will give you a needed supportive boost. Perfect if you’re working through a transition period and want to prepare for one day expanding your team.

This might be help with one-off admin tasks, monthly ongoing support, or long-term projects. Our flexible 1-hour minimum sign-up means you’re only paying for what you need.

If things are getting on top of you, we’ll help you to overcome your challenges. Before starting any virtual assistant support, we make sure the work we’re doing will actually help by evaluating your business goals.

Desk101 Virtual Assistants
  • One-off admin tasks

  • Monthly ongoing support

  • Long-term projects

Are you ready to reach your full potential?

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