Desk101 Virtual Assistants
Desk101 Virtual Assistants
Desk 101 Virtual Assistant Services

A risk-free way to grow your business – flexible support from your new virtual assistant

Don’t worry about taking on new team members or committing to lengthy packages before you’re ready – Desk101 has flexible virtual assistant options to suit you.

  • One-off projects – only pay for the admin support you need, from as little as 1 hour

  • Ongoing monthly support – stay on top of things and work towards your goals

  • Full project management – for those tasks that need an extra pair of hands all the way through

What our client’s are saying…

I have recently used the wonderful services of this Virtual Assistant to help me recruit a senior role and the task was dealt with in a professional, prompt, and friendly manner.

It was a smooth efficient easy process and the help and support greatly appreciated as it reduced my workload dramatically.

Sue Davies
Head of People – Cove UK

How we support Businesses

Below are some examples of how we can support you

Taking care of all the important things that happen behind the scenes

  • Email and diary management.

  • Setting up new learning management systems, including business roll out.

  • Learning and development - creating and designing training materials.

  • Event planning - including table plans, arranging dietary requirements, confirming guests, venues and suppliers, overall event management.

  • Project leadership and management.

  • General Office Administration - including one-off admin projects.

Hiring the right people to build your team, then looking after them so you can focus on delivering great customer service.

  • Recruitment support for specific roles.

  • Writing job descriptions and adverts.

  • Advertising jobs through recruitment partners and targeted social media posts.

  • Filtering suitable applicants from their CVs.

  • Arranging interviews and follow-up correspondence.

  • Onboarding new employees.

  • HR advice and support for all current and future employees.

  • Creating welcome packages and induction programmes for new employees.

So you have mastered the skills required for your profession, but have you considered the different skills needed to manage your own business? Do you truly understand yourself in this context? For example, are you a blue-sky thinker, a visionary, knowing exactly where you want your business to go, and by when? Or are you a detail orientated individual, who researches and plans every business move with precision?

And...what about understanding the factors that influence your most productive working environment – where you do your best work?

i3 profiling is like having a personal guide that can not only help you uncover your most dominant natural personality traits, but also encourages you to explore those that might be hiding beneath the surface. It's all about gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and becoming more self-aware.

Each i3 profile is unique, with feedback delivered in the form of a full written report and a 1:1 discussion.

To find out more about i3 profiling, take a look here:

This is not an exhaustive list of how we can help your business

If the challenge you face isn’t included here, get in touch to start an enquiry

Desk101 Virtual Assistants

Hand over your project and leave us to what we do best

Desk101 will fully manage your Business Administration and Recruitment & HR support. Giving you the freedom to focus on business growth and achieving great things.

Desk101 only take on projects where we are confident, we will achieve great results. We’ll always be honest and tell you if someone else is better suited to the job.

The first step is getting in touch.

Don’t delay any longer – be in control of your business again.